“New Beginnings Ministry of Love is an Assembly of called out Believers. As pastor, my purpose is to execute the will of God for the whole man and for all people”.

Our challenge is to make a difference in the lives of the members and affect the community that our church serves. To this end, with the Bible as our guide, the activities of the church will be designed to foster the following:

•Public Worship: prayer, praise and thanksgiving.

•To assist our membership in developing a Godly lifestyle, which is committed to prayer, fasting, thanksgiving and Bible study. For the Word of God MUST take first place in our assembly.

•To develop a strong youth program, for today’s youths are tomorrow’s leaders.

•To encourage the flock to participate in our outreach ministries below
-Radio and TV;
-Street Witnessing;
-Convalescent Ministry;
-Jail Ministry;
-In-home Ministry for the sick and shut-in
-And others as God leads

The ministries of the church will emphasize reaching and nurturing lambs as well as sheep. All programs and activities will be organized to facilitate biblically inspired goals. All of our programs MUST exalt God, for He is honored when His own revealed purposes are adopted and pursued.

This ministry, New Beginnings Ministry of Love, will be operated prayerfully and above-board, with the Pastor as the spiritual and administrative head, a chartered board of directors, trustee board, deacon & deaconess board, secretary and treasurer to administrate the affairs of this ministry, as the Lord provides.

“Behold, I will do a new thing” (Isaiah 43:19)

Pastor Cecil